Song of Songs: A Love Poem

Song of Solomon 8:6-7 New King James Version  

6 Set me as a seal upon your heart,  

As a seal upon your arm;  

For love is as strong as death,  

Jealousy as cruel as the grave;  

Its flames are flames of fire,  

A most vehement flame.  

7 Many waters cannot quench love,  

Nor can the floods drown it.  

If a man would give for love  

All the wealth of his house,  

It would be utterly despised.  

SERMON NOTE: Song of Songs: A Love Poem   

Song of Solomon presents in graphic detail the love of Solomon for a young woman, and it expressively speaks of the love with which she reciprocates.  

The verses open with a plea for LOVE’S ACCEPTANCE.  

Love that meets the biblical criterion accepts the one loved and seeks acceptance from that one.   “Set me as a seal upon your heart,” is her request.  

This is a statement indicating the absolute devotion of a couple in love.  

LOVE’S ENDURANCE: “Love never ends”   Love is strong as death!  

The woman affirms that love is stronger than death, and she declares her love; and even death cannot destroy that love.  

Think of the tenacious love God has for His people.  

God loves because it is His nature. God’s love is shown in Creation.  

God’s love is shown in His grace. God’s love is sovereign He reveals His love to all.  

He loves us without our earning it. God’s love is a covenant love.  

God’s love is an abiding love. God’s love is an eternal love!